Monday, January 4, 2010

The Daily Dispatch

Today I will take you down my route as a commute from school to my home.

First off is the amazing view from my school, we are almost right on the ocean and it's beautiful.

Second off is the windy path to the bottom of the hill.

Third off is Spanky's diner and Gas, we have not been there yet. =(

Fourth off is Straw Hat Pizza, we don't really liek Straw Hat.

Fifthly and finally we have the amazing Mazzetti's Bakery, it is simply amazing.

So that is the daily walk home of Graham R. Birks.

Photography and article by: Graham R. Birks


  1. you must live in the same neighborhood as my cousins! i was just at mazzetti's recently to get them cannolis lol

  2. let's go to spanky's when i'm there! DONE!